Shining new light on the world of Sony α.

Sony α cameras capture beautiful moments. Stunning images. Breathtaking videos. Life through the eyes of photographers around the globe—amateur and professional. All these unique perspectives, and Sony was the common thread behind them all. 

EFM saw the chance for Sony to tap into a wealth of content, and built Sony α Universe to capitalize. For the brand, the platform offered a way to curate and showcase everything from Sony Artisan content, such as photography, travel stories, and tips for shooting, to social posts created by Sony α users worldwide. On the other hand, visitors arrived at a digital community where they could find inspiration, learn new skills, and keep up with the latest information on Sony α products. 

The first website of its kind in the space, Sony α Universe gave artisans, hobbyists, and amateurs equal footing to interact as fellow photography enthusiasts, while weaving their stories into the larger Sony narrative.



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Building a community.

It started with a simple insight—creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. People purchase DSLR cameras with the desire to shoot like a professional. But mastering those skills in part requires understanding how the pros themselves get the shot.  

We developed Sony α Universe as a community where photographers of all levels could connect with peers, hone their craft, and find never-ending inspiration to fuel their creativity.

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A natural evolution. 

Our development process always accounts for flexibility and scalability. This came in handy as Sony α Universe quickly grew beyond a niche photography community and into a central hub for Sony α users.

Frequented by over 150,000 unique monthly visitors, the site became a vital touchpoint for Sony initiatives, with new landing pages added over time to support livestreaming events, campaigns, product launches, and more. Constantly updated with fresh content, Sony α Universe evolved into the first place photographers look for all things Sony α. 




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